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Double-sided Fishing Magnet

Hook Magnet
Our magnetic hooks with detachable hooks and ring bolt fasteners can easily interchange. The hook magnets with attached hooks are made with neodymium magnets, enclosed in a steel cup with a threaded end hook. The hook-shaped magnet provides amazing strength given its small size. The steel cup generates a powerful vertical magnetic force (especially on flat iron or steel surfaces), concentrating and guiding the magnetic force onto the contact surface. Neodymium hook magnets are ideal for a wide range of applications that require strong holding force and small hooks. These can be used to hang heavy objects, tools, lights, equipment, signage, and banners, for organizing cables, wires and other items in warehouses, office spaces, workstations, and more. Hook magnets can also be used in indoor or outdoor settings, such as schools, homes, offices, workshops, warehouses, garages, barbecues, and even in any place with a magnetic or metal surface.
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